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Chris has been active in the industry since the early nineties, when he first published a standardised translation of "National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters". Since then many hats have been dropped, and on each occasion he has given presentations and papers on a variety of matters relating to T&I.

  • Alfresco Japanese Whispers

    What happens when a barbecue of translators translate the same phrase back and forth in the manner of Google translate?

  • Back Translation and Mis Translation

    Have you ever asked or been asked for something to be translated BACK into its original language? Please plow through this correspondence to see why it might not be as helpful as you think. Names have been changed to protect the innocence of some of my closest friends.

  • Dymocks Favourite Word Competition

    Oh I'm still pissed off about this one.

  • Ethical Problems in Legal Interpreting

    Some of the traps and pitfalls of working with drug smugglers and lawyers, neither of whom are particularly sensitive to the role of the translator.

  • Glossary of T&I terms

  • How to steal clients from Agencies

  • Japanese Service Guide


  • Product or Performance

    Obsessed with the individual practitioner and their mysterious personal heritage, the translation industry remains largely pre-industrial. Here I explain why.

  • Spending more per patient or more per interpreter

    In 2006, Chris explained why interpreters get paid so little in the health system. He also successfully predicted the trouble that would befall some of Australia's largest Language Service Providers four years later. Please read and share your thoughts with us.

  • The Distraction of Culture

    Apparently you can negotiate, mediate and facilitate "across cultures". Sounds shonky to me.

  • The language barrier is not a safety barrier

    OHS professionals understand better than most the challenges of risk management and mitigation. Often they have arrived via other roles in the trades, project management or engineering where risk management runs like rio through everything they do.

  • We are all Translators

    Here I detail my disgust that a whole profession can't manage to name itself.

  • When the gist is just not enough

    A talk designed to snap dozy public servants out of their complacency as they jostle to get their photo taken with translators.

  • Why shouldn’t I just use Google Translate?

    You should use Google Translate! If the benefit to you is greater than the cost you’d be a fool not to!