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Over 25 years experience in Interpreting and Translation Services

Chris Poole Translation

We are a company based in Melbourne with over 25 years of experience in the Translation and Interpreting industry. Our Director, Chris Poole after living in Japan for several years has translated thousands of different Japanese texts into English and vice versa, completed many thousands of hours as a Japanese interpreter, and now leads a team of well-trained language professionals working in Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian and of course Japanese, to provide any individual or organisation with an effective bridge for their linguistic and cultural differences.

What we do

The need for translation and interpreting can be complex and appear without warning. You might be scratching your head wondering how it all works. We will explain exactly how your translation or interpreting needs can be met, no matter how big or small, wherever you are and in a way that fits your timing and budget.

Our History

After spending 1977 in Japan as an exchange student, Chris dropped out of high school, worked as fruit-picker, ski-lift operator and builders labourer. He returned to live in Japan for 18 months where he polished his building skills and on returning to Australia spent the rest of the 80s working as a self-employed carpenter, shop-fitter and signwriter.

Translation was an intermittent hobby that grew until, in 1994, Chris was involved as a court interpreter in the arrest and trial of five Japanese nationals for smuggling heroin. The experience revealed the underdeveloped nature of the industry, the countless opportunities for improvement of standards and systems and so Chris closed his other business and dedicated himself to developing Chris Poole Translation.

Since then the business has grown and engaged in a bewildering variety of work. Please see experience for details.

Chris Poole Translation

Translation services

CPT translates any written material of any industry and for any reasons, with the bulk of our experience being in Japanese and Asian languages. We welcome large scale projects such as IMs, litigation support and contracts, and can assist with short notice requirements. NAATI certified translations are available upon request.

Our Experience

Interpreting services

CPT interpreters working in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and many other languages will travel to you, anywhere in the world, any hour of the day, and day of the year. We work nights, holidays and around the clock if necessary for the one fixed rate.

Our Experience


CPT offers expertise in translating, writing, editing, checking and desktop publishing of your multilingual documents. 

Our Experience

Teleconference support

CPT provides remote interpreting support for clients via dial-in, Skype and teleconferencing. Not all interpreting support requires us to be on site. This is ideal and cost effective for those in remote locations or overseas and for those who only require our services intermittently.

Our Experience


Compare our approach to other translation and interpreting providers. We have objective definitions of “accuracy”, “faithfulness” and “completeness”, the elements of quality in translation and interpreting. We can demonstrate not only that we have achieved these things, but how we do it, in such a way that you are in control of the end product. Read more


Translation clients are sometimes complacent, resigned to buying things they can’t check themselves. We take this as an ethical challenge and have many strategies to ensure that you, the client, participate fully in the process, and can see for yourself that every decision we make is aligned with your needs.


Translators and interpreters need to know not just the text or speech to be translated, but the background, context and end use. But we also understand the potential for conflicts of interests and confidentiality. Much of our work is bound by non-disclosure agreements and if you don’t have one we do.

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