Quality Control

At Chris Poole Translation we take our quality control seriously

(And yes, I am implying that other translators don't)

At Chris Poole Translation we have a definition of quality. It is objective. It is not someone’s opinion, and unlike most other businesses in this industry, until you are satisfied that we have provided translation or interpreter services that meet the agreed level of quality, we don’t expect you to pay us.

No written translation leaves our office without at least two people being involved, and each must be an experienced translator; trained at Chris Poole Translation; and native speakers of the source and target language respectively. We are quite confident that no other translation company you are able to find will be able to offer anything like that level of quality control.

And that is our minimum requirement. Much of the work we produce requires considerable input from our clients. Both prior to and after the drafting process is complete, we will be raising issues to do with context, ambiguity, ellipsis, related and parallel texts, and localisation. Some clients find this daunting and burdensome. It is. We can only share with them their bitterness that most translators have unwittingly led the market to believe that translators are mind-readers.

Here’s some free advice:

Beware the translator who asks no questions.

Imagine instead that you despatched someone trusted from your office – bilingual, translator, wordsmith extraordinnaire – and placed them, embedded them, in our office for the duration, with the instruction “Breathe down their necks! Watch every damn thing they do! Make sure they get it right, and if you are not sure, then get on the phone and ask me!”

No need. Because that is exactly how we work. 

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