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Chris has been active in the industry since the early nineties, when he first published a standardised translation of "National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters". Since then many hats have been dropped, and on each occasion he has given presentations and papers on a variety of matters relating to T&I.

Glossary of translation and interpreting terminology. Translation is a highly technical field. Use these words to discuss it.
By all means! Get someone you know to "check" our work. But if they don't follow these guidelines, we are not listening.
"Regulation of the T&I Industry" - A paper presented in 2004 setting out many problems, which have yet to be solved in 2023.
Would you like to work with us? This document explains exactly what we are looking for in people. Is it you?
"Why shouldn't I just use Google Translate?" - You'd be mad not to!
"We are all 'Translators'" - My last AUSIT talk. Here I detail my disgust that a whole profession can't manage to name itself.
A photo album featuring all the people of high calibre that have sustained our business.
"Alfresco Japanese Whispers" - the famous experiment I conducted in 1993 on blind back translation.
This is how you educate clients - I surveyed the English competence of 15 foreign engineers and played it back to the client.
Back Translation and Mis Translation - see here why back translation doesn't work!
Capability Statement: Food Technology - a summary of our career highlights, sausages, rice growing, chocolates and wine..
Capability Statement: Onsite equipment Installation and Commissioning, our number one category of experience.
Dymocks Favourite Word Competition, oh I'm still pissed off about this one.
Ethical Problems in Legal Interpreting - a paper I presented at IJET 4, 1993 at University of Queensland
How to set hourly rates: If you are a freelancer you need to know about this. If it is still not clear, come on round for a chat.
How to steal clients from Agencies. Well you shouldn't of course, unless we live in a free market.
Is Australia Part of Asia? A talk I gave to the staff of Melbourne Museum in 1995. Becomes less political correct by the year.
CPTサービスのご案内 - どうぞご覧ください
"Literal", "Word-for-word" and "verbatim" translation - please read this to understand why these terms mean nothing.
"Product or Performance" - I presented this paper in 1997 to sum up what is wrong with the T&I industry. Still good.
"Risk management for a non-English speaking workforce" - read this at very least to learn how to manage workplace risk.
"Spending more per patient or more per interpreter" - From 2006, some problems with health interpreting and agencies.
"Submission to Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity" - there are several problems with this. See if you can spot them.
"The Clichés" - Very few people have a realistic understanding of language. Read this for some shock therapy.
"The Distraction of Culture" - just where do language and culture divide? It's complicated. Unless you're a professional.
"The language barrier is not a safety barrier" - Language is an unmanaged tripping hazard in Work Health and Safety.
"When the gist is just not enough" - this was presented at a NAATI Awareness Day. Read it and be NAATI aware!

Glossary of translation and interpreting terminology

When translating we can't move a muscle until we know what things mean, and that applies to the words and concepts we use to talk about our work. Translation and interpreting is a highly technical field, full of tasks and methods never encountered by non-translators. Frustrated at the lack of consistently applied definitions to the many terms that define our occupation, I wrote my own glossary. Don't ask me what anyone else means when they discuss translation, but rely on this to know what I mean when I do.
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Client review and feedback policy for translations

One thing that distinguishes us from most translation providers is the closeness with which we work with our clients. There are many questions and answers, going both ways, and we incorporate a lot of feedback and direction from authors and end-users. But the bar is set to a professional height.
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Would you like to work with us?

This document explains exactly what we are looking for in people. Is it you?
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Why shouldn't I just use Google Translate?

You should use Google Translate! If the benefit to you is greater than the cost you’d be a fool not to!
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We are all Translators

Here I detail my disgust that a whole profession can't manage to name itself.
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You guys are awesome.

Let's see who really digs down into this website. Here is a photo album of most of the people who have made this business what it is. They mean a lot to me. If I've missed anyone send pics!
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Alfresco Japanese Whispers

What happens when a barbecue of translators translate the same phrase back and forth in the manner of Google translate?
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An example of client education

Working on a large project with a team of Australian Project Managers and about 20 Japanese Technical Advisers, I use this material to improve the communicative effective on site, whether I am assisting or not. Interpreters need to worry about the quality of their raw materials too. That means sentences that are as complete and as grammatically correct as those you would produce for speakers of the same language.
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Back Translation and Mis Translation

Have you ever asked or been asked for something to be translated BACK into its original language? Please plow through this correspondence to see why it might not be as helpful as you think. Names have been changed to protect the innocence of some of my closest friends.
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Capability Statement - Food Technology

Dimsims, noodles and frozen pizza. Some of the most difficult materials to handle!
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Capability Statement - Installation and Commissioning of Equipment

This has been our number one market sector for the past thirty years.
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Dymocks Favourite Word Competition

Oh I'm still pissed off about this one.
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Ethical Problems in Legal Interpreting

Some of the traps and pitfalls of working with drug smugglers and lawyers, neither of whom are particularly sensitive to the role of the translator.
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How to set hourly rates

If you are not sure what you are worth per hour, please have a read of this.
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How to steal clients from Agencies

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Is Australia Part of Asia

They've been asking the same stupid question for nearly twenty years now, we gave them a perfectly good answer in 1995!
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Japanese Service Guide

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Let's get some things straight around here

This short paper deals with the lay terms "Literal translation, word-for-word translation and verbatim translation" and I dispense with them as gently as I can. Which is not particularly.
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Lucid Correspondence

Quality audit of Lucid website
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Product or Performance

Obsessed with the individual practitioner and their mysterious personal heritage, the translation industry remains largely pre-industrial. Here I explain why.
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Risk management for a non-English speaking workforce

Australian employers are exposed to a variety of risks by failing to assess effectively English language proficiency of employees.
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Spending more per patient or more per interpreter

In 2006, Chris explained why interpreters get paid so little in the health system. He also successfully predicted the trouble that would befall some of Australia's largest Language Service Providers four years later. Please read and share your thoughts with us.
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Submission to Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity

This was my input to the new National Standards for Interpreters Working in Australian Courts and Tribunals. It's not all bad!
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The Clichés

This document is strictly for the eyes of our translation team members. If you are a potential or existing client, some of the language in this document may cause unintended hurt or offense. I implore you, under no circumstances should you click here and read the document, as it may reveal TOO MUCH of the mental discipline required by your translators as we fight for your interests in a world otherwise populated by people labouring under a grave over-estimation of their own grasp of language.
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The Distraction of Culture

Apparently you can negotiate, mediate and facilitate "across cultures". Sounds shonky to me.
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The language barrier is not a safety barrier

OHS professionals understand better than most the challenges of risk management and mitigation. Often they have arrived via other roles in the trades, project management or engineering where risk management runs like rio through everything they do.
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When the gist is just not enough

A talk designed to snap dozy public servants out of their complacency as they jostle to get their photo taken with translators.
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