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Focus Groups, Melbourne Writer's Festival, babies, pubs and self-defense!

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Our interpreters work in meetings, power stations, courts, on film shoots and in schools.

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If it is written, we can translate it. But be prepared for a high level of collaboration.

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We have large volumes of free advice. Call to discuss both the benefits and the costs.

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Translating and Interpreting for over 25 years

Chris Poole Translation

We are a translation company based in Melbourne with over 25 years of experience in the Translation and Interpreting industry, primarily in Japanese but with strengths in Chinese, Korean and other Asian languages. Our Director, Chris Poole leads a team of well-trained language professionals to enable any individual or organisation to bridge their language and cultural differences.


What we do

Translation and or interpreting requirements can be complex and appear without warning. You might be scratching your head wondering how translation even works. We will explain exactly how your translation or interpreting needs can be met, no matter how big or small, wherever you are and in a way that fits your timing and budget.


Translation services

Chris Poole Translation undertakes the translation of written material from any industry and for any reasons. We welcome large scale projects and can assist with short notice requirements. NAATI certified translations are available upon request.

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Interpreting services

Chris Poole Translation interpreters will travel to you, anywhere in the world, any hour of the day, and day of the year. We work nights, holidays and around the clock if necessary for the one fixed rate.

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We straddle the language barrier and some tasks only we can do. Cultural training, on-the-ground research, checking the quality of other translations, setting up meetings and advising on the parallel development of contracts or marketing copy. Call to discuss your curliest problems.

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Teleconference support

Chris Poole Translation provides remote interpreting support for clients via dial-in, Skype and teleconferencing. Not all interpreting support requires us to be on site. This is ideal and cost effective for those in remote locations or overseas and for those who only require our services intermittently.

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Compare our approach to other translation and interpreting providers. We have objective definitions of “accuracy”, “faithfulness” and “completeness”, the elements of quality in translation and interpreting. We can demonstrate not only that we have achieved these things, but how we do it, in such a way that you are in control of the end product. Read more


Translation clients are sometimes complacent, resigned to buying things they can’t check themselves. We take this as an ethical challenge and have many strategies to ensure that you, the client, participates fully in the process, and can see for yourself that every decision we make is aligned with your needs.


Translators and interpreters need to know not just the text or speech to be translated, but the background, context and end use. But we also understand the potential for conflicts of interests and confidentiality. Much of our work is bound by non-disclosure agreements and if you don’t have one we do.

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Our Clients

1986 Sumitomo Heavy Industries
1988 - Komori Sheet Feed Presses
1989 Ford Capri launch activities
1989 Gas-Insulated Switchgear
1990 - 1999 AMRAD - T&I support for Joint Venture
1990 Asia Pacific Marketing Conference
1991 How to Make Kit Kats
1992 – International Congress of Cytology
1992 Japanese Consumer Organisation
1992 Vietnamese Foreign Investment Law
1993 Chugai Pharmaceuticals - Granocyte User Manual
1993 Feasibility Study in Latrobe Valley - Marubeni
1994 Australwood
1994 Nestle Foods in Australia and NZ
1995 – 1996 Stonehenge Group, Consul General’s Residence, Kobe
1995 CD-ROM introducing Australian Dairy Industry
1995 VIC Police – "The Body in the Barrel"
1996 - 2008 TPM Consultancy for Nissan, Unilever and JNL (NZ)
1996 Agribusiness Australia – Grading standards for Nashi
1996 Blackmore Wagyu
1996 DPP – Katsuno and Ors v Australia
1997 Itsuko Hasegawa at Morphe 97
1997 Lime Producers Conference
1998 – 2000 Tilling Timber
1998 – 2001 Ernest Hillier Chocolates
1998 Aoki Stretch Blow Molders for Containers Packaging
1998 Clayton Utz – Toyo Engineering v John Holland Construction and Engineering
1998 CSIRO fire rating tests
1998 Osaka National Hospital - Aids Research
1998 Premium Chestnuts Cooperative
1999 – 2009 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
1999 Blackmore Wagyu
1999 Demonstration of sausage making machine
2000 – 2015 Monash University International Students
2000 Safety stickers for mobile plant
2000 Study of Debit and Credit Card Schemes Commissioned by the ACCC and the Reserve Bank
2001 – 2009 GM Holden HVF6 Engine Plant Fishermans Bend
2001 Bilateral negotiation of Biosecurity treaty
2001 Compumedics
2001 SAP implementation in Japan
2001 Sportskeep - Indoor Cricket Management software
2001 Supreme Court Patent Challenge on Shumai machine
2002 ES Cell International – Business Development activities
2002 International Commercial Arbitration Research
2003 - 2008 SWSA
2003 – 2006 Meat packing labels
2003 – 2009 Toyota Australia
2003 Baker McKenzie – AGL v ACCC
2003 Futures Trading company
2004 - 2008 The Buchan Group
2004 – 2008 Toyota Altona
2004 – 2009 T6 joint development program
2004 ES Cell International – Research Materials
2004 住まう(雑誌)
2004年 東京電力
2004年 素敵にガーデニングライフ(NHK番組)
2005 Corporate Profile of Thomson Playford Lawyers
2005 Hewlett Packard Web Design and Testing
2006 – 2010 Cellestis
2006 and 2007 ExxonMobil Yokohama
2006 Company-wide employee temperature check - Edelman
2006 Kenworth
2006 Litigation over cancelled order for boat
2007 – 2008 Veyance Belting - expansion of plants
2007 Due Diligence document translation
2008 – 2013 Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
2008 – 2014 Yallourn Power Station
2008 GlaxoSmithKline
2008 Kangan Institute
2008 QLD Dept. of Justice, Project Wickenby
2008, 2010, 2011 and 2015 Unit Outages Yallourn Power Station
2009 ACCC stands up for the food court!
2009 AGL Safety Induction Manual
2009 AMP Capital Investors
2009 Hydro Australia Repairs Callide Power Station
2009 Marine Hose Cartel
2010 Audit of business processes - Asahi Schweppes
2010 Australian Wheat Board
2010 Life Technologies – ordering system training
2010 Presentation on FIRB / FATA
2010年 民主党・無所属ネット大阪府議会議員団
2011 and 2016 Servicing the shumai machine
2011 Defense of investigation by ATO
2011 Emergency repairs for unplanned outage
2011 Foreign investment investigated by the ATO
2011 Geological and financial modelling
2011 Grain Foods Innovations
2011 Kraft Specification Software
2011 Nomura Research
2012 – 2013 Automotive lighting development
2012 – 2015 Freestyle Technology
2012 Advent Private Capital
2012 Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis conference, Taiwan
2012 Confined Space work in NZ
2012 IVO International Podiatry Conference, Sydney
2012 Mine Prospectus
2013 - 2015 Symantec
2013 Arnold Bloch Leibler/Allens – Asahi v PEP and Ors
2013 Ashurst – Sumitomo and others v Axiom, Solomon Islands Government and others
2013 Delegation to investigate illegal online activity
2013 Emergency repairs to AVR
2013-2015年 ホンダ新車発表会
2013年 国際電気標準会議
2013年 立命館大学
2014 – 2016 Barokes v Daiwa Can
2014 Chubb Insurance – Bonsoy Class action
2014 Crisis management rehearsals for international airline
2014 Focus Group Interviews Kao Australia
2014 King and Wood Mallesons – ACCC v Japanese Manufacturer
2014 Major repairs to Geothermal Power Station Condensors
2014 Servier Pharmaceuticals – Business negotiations
2014 Uniqlo Fitout
2015 Barco – Large format video display manufacturer
2015 Citrus Australia
2015 Factory audit by Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration
2015 Horticulture Innovation Australia
2015 Media Launch of Mazda2 Sedan
2015 Needs Assessment on Viral Hepatitis - Latrobe University
2015 Tax Advice - PwC
2015, 2016 Gas Turbine outage and upgrade
2015年 東京肝臓友の会
2016 - 2023 Bayswater Power Station unit outages
2016 Artificial Turf System
2016 GMP Audit of Japanese Manufacturer
2016 National School Improvement Tool
2016 Online market survey
2016 Operator Training South Hedland Power Station
2016 SAP Training at Newell Rubbermaid
2016 Vales Point Generator inspection and governer commissioning
2018 Australian Customs
2018 Australian Lamb Company OHS translation
2018 Megayacht Marina Specs
2018 Monash College
2018 Racing Victoria
2019 Bunkyo University
2021 - 2023 Rare Cancers Australia
2022 - 2024 Hunter Power Project
Critical minerals for climate change mitigation

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