Please send through your brief resume and your language skill set.

The Translation and interpreting market is volatile, with clients chronically overlooking or not recognising the benefits of translation support until the very latest stages of planning. This makes it extremely difficult to respond in a timely manner to client requirements, let alone maintain a workforce that is well briefed and available to support large projects in remote locations and at odd times.

So we must inevitably call on the services of non-full time people to assist with our work.

Please feel free to send us your CV and a short note stating why you would like to work with us. Please make sure the title and body of the email are addressed to us and make it obvious that you are applying for consideration for employment, so that we can tell your email from spam.

If we have a need for your particular skills, language and outlook we will be in touch with more detailed information.

Please note carefully though that if you reside in Australia, unless you have your own full time staff AND we have agreed that you may use of any of them to do our work without seeking our consent first, then we must treat you as a casual employee. This means that we take out tax, and pay your superannuation.

Working for CPT is not like working for an agency. We make many demands of our people, requiring them to collect detailed data, write diaries and handover notes, and participate in structured checking and editing work.

We do not withhold payment for failing to deliver a satisfactory draft translation. We might never call you back, but the more likely result is that we put more effort into training and supporting you. But you will always get paid what you quoted.

Unlike other agencies however, we don’t dictate rates. For every job, or for ongoing work of a similar nature, we ask you how much you need to be happy. If we don’t get the job, well that’s showbiz. But we only work with happy people, and only you can put a price on that.

Brief Resume

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