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1986 Sumitomo Heavy Industries
We interpreted for a team supervising the installation and commissioning of an extrusion laminator - which manufactures multilayered packaging materials from plastics, paper and foil. We were involved from the uncrating to the first successful production runs, interpreting for tradesmen, and then later operators as they received their training, and a number of follow up visits from Sumitomo to maintain the equipment.
1988 - Komori Sheet Feed Presses
Back when they were new technology, we worked with engineers at many different sites, interpreting dusk to dawn for Baldwin blanket washer retrofits, and on installations in many remote locations and trade fairs.
1989 Ford Capri launch activities
On site interpreting support for visiting paint, suspension and soft trim engineers from Mazda as they fine tuned the very successful Capri.
1989 Gas-Insulated Switchgear
Interpreting support for Hitachi engineers supervising installation of a new GIS substation for Ford of Australia's Geelong Plant.
1990 - 1999 AMRAD - T&I support for Joint Venture
All interpreting and translation to support both board and scientific meetings for the duration of the joint venture between Amrad and Kaneka Corporation. This JV partnered with the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute to develop a number of cloned auto-immune antigens for use in ELISA diagnostic kits for Type II Diabetes.
1990 Asia Pacific Marketing Conference
Three days in the booth as presenters from all over the Asia Pacific Region presented on a variety of topics related to marketing.
1991 How to Make Kit Kats
Nestle Japan decided to produce Kit Kats domestically and so despatched two teams of operators and technicians to the Nestle Broadmeadows plant for two weeks of training each. We translated every word of this training, little realising how successful the chocolate bar would be in Japan during University entrance exam season, as "kit kat" sounds almost exactly like the Japanese expression "I will win!"
1992 – International Congress of Cytology
Simultaneous intepreting at three day Conference held in Melbourne.
1992 Japanese Consumer Organisation
Research and translation of numerous articles and texts on post-harvest pesticides. Planning and coordination of visit to Australia by investigative journalist. Interpreting at all meetings with Ricegrowers Cooperative, Australian Wheat Board, and many individual growers of fruits and cereal crops throughout Victoria and NSW.
1992 Vietnamese Foreign Investment Law
Translation into Japanese of briefing material as part of the establishment of the Vietnam office of Australian law firm Phillips Fox.

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