Professional Development

time spent

As a provider of spontaneously required yet critically important language support, I often have to go looking for practitioners who are new to us at a moment's notice. I turn to the NAATI directory of course. It isn't everybody, but it's a lot.

One by one I click through, hoping to find someone available, competent and with an hourly rate that will make the job work for everyone and what do I find? Lots of names, but no means of contacting them! People who have paid the substantial price in dollars and time to become Certified, had their name listed for all the world to see, and all the world - like me - might be keen to stuff cash into their pocket, but they'll never know!

I won't mention the language, but of 71 interpreters listed and apparently in Melbourne, only 31 had the nous to add their phone number or email address...and only two mentioned what suburb they were in.

In all the years I have been dealing with people in this industry I have never really see a break from whinging about their low levels of income, and yet is it any wonder? Guys, if you want to make money, AT LEAST paint a target on your wallet!

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