Review - Urban dictionary

Review - Urban dictionary

In a world where a 14 year boy who kisses a girl for a dare is charged with assault and Snow White now consorts with Seven “Friends”, it is joyous, nay gravely important, that there are still places in the world completely unbleached by the corrosive curse of Political Correctness.

One of the most exhilarating examples is “Urban Dictionary”. Freedom prevails on this website, and so of course those spiritless milquetoasts with no shares in civilisation will quail at and be triggered by some of the views expressed there, but it is not a promoter of views, it is a dictionary.

Now to be sure it has achieved self-consciousness and so you do have to wade through a lot of artificially created slang, but it is still good for nearly every modern and not so modern neologism.

The trick is though that you must read EVERY entry. It is a corpus, and towards the end of the reading you will have obtained a very good understanding of a word, its connotations and collocations, and had a laugh as well. This is the level of information required by a translator to translate properly. Look up “Selfie”, “Kidult”, “Senpai” and of course “Nigger” to feel at home amongst the serious linguists.

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